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Size Stream at Home - Accessories/Equipment

Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and S20.

Pixel 3 and 4

The wide angle len and clip is specific to the make and model of your phone.  Please visit the Olliclip website to watch videos about how to correctly attach and use your wide angle lens. You do not need to have a wide angle lens to use Size Stream @ Home, but it helps you scan in a smaller space.


User Guides:

The bar is fun! You can use it for all kinds of things! When using it with the Size Stream @ Home product, it is used to help you get your arms and upper body into the correct posture for scanning, and to help you keep your arms still during the scan. You grip the ball of each end in one hand, making a fist, and let the bar rest across the front of your body wherever that falls naturally when holding your arms straight and relaxed.

Size Stream @ Home uses advanced photogrammetry (photography) techniques to generate a real 3D model of your body! The application needs to see the shape of your body so you can’t wear street clothes. Size Stream provides a suit to allow for modesty and comfort, while also enchancing the robustness of our product. Size Stream is working to provide a variety of colors and patterns in the suit in the near future to make it more useful and fun for every day activities.

For scanning, yes. This is the recommended best practice for getting good scan data around the lower leg and foot region.

Please wear the headband over the ears. Please tuck hair in and above the headband so that your neck is clearly visible.

You don’t need a wide angle lens! Our product works well without the wide angle lens, but requires more space around the person being scanned. In order to scan indoors, we suggest using the wide angle lens to limit the amount of space you’ll need. That wide angle lens can be used forever to also take great photography – maybe in the great new custom clothing you’ll be wearing?



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