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Size Stream at Home - General

Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and S20.

Pixel 3 and 4

Size Stream is working at providing a range of different suit patterns and colors!  We will keep you updated on different selections as they become available.

You can reset your password through the settings menu on the home screen.

The bar is fun! You can use it for all kinds of things! When using it with the Size Stream @ Home product, it is used to help you get your arms and upper body into the correct posture for scanning, and to help you keep your arms still during the scan. You grip the ball of each end in one hand, making a fist, and let the bar rest across the front of your body wherever that falls naturally when holding your arms straight and relaxed.

Size Stream @ Home uses advanced photogrammetry (photography) techniques to generate a real 3D model of your body! The application needs to see the shape of your body so you can’t wear street clothes. Size Stream provides a suit to allow for modesty and comfort, while also enchancing the robustness of our product. Size Stream is working to provide a variety of colors and patterns in the suit in the near future to make it more useful and fun for every day activities.

For scanning, yes. This is the recommended best practice for getting good scan data around the lower leg and foot region.

Please wear the headband over the ears. Please tuck hair in and above the headband so that your neck is clearly visible.

If you are having trouble getting a successful scan using Size Stream @ Home, please reach out to our support! This is a new and exciting technology that we want to make available to everyone! We are happy to aassist you through email, or we can schedule a phone call or even a mobile app screen sharing session in order to assist you in having successful with our product.

You don’t need a wide angle lens! Our product works well without the wide angle lens, but requires more space around the person being scanned. In order to scan indoors, we suggest using the wide angle lens to limit the amount of space you’ll need. That wide angle lens can be used forever to also take great photography – maybe in the great new custom clothing you’ll be wearing?

No, our mobile app requires an internet connection in order to process and return your scan results. We are working on an “upload later” feature to let you scan whenever and where ever and wait until you get to a good wifi connection to upload and process your results.

No, our mobile app requires a smart phone. We do not support tablets or mini tablets.

Size Stream @ Home supports iphone 7 and later. We are currently testing iPhone 11 support and it will be available soon.

Currently, you can see your own measurements and 3D body using the Size Stream @ Home app when you sign in with your 3DiD account. No one else may access your geometric or measurement data without your explicit sharing permission.

Because our application needs to see the shape of your body you cannot use street clothes. Size Stream has designed the suit to greatly enchance the robustness of our product. You may be able to get a ‘successful’ scan using your own clothing but the quality of the resulting 3D body and measurements may be greatly degraded.

Body fat percentage can be measured in many ways. There is a published paper comparing Size Stream’s body fat formula against industry standard measurements Because everyone is different and unique, please consult with a doctor when determining what a healthy range of body fat would be for yourself.

If a company chooses to partner with Size Stream and offer 3D body prints as a service then you would have the opportunity to share your data with them and get a 3D print of your body! Until then, unfortunately you cannot. Maybe there is a business opportunity waiting here..

Size Stream strives to take accurate measurements from the real geometry of your body. Frequently clothing brands use sizing numbers that map to, but do not accurately represent, the actual measurement of your body. Nobody has a 0 inch waist! If the number of your favorite pant’s waist size does not match the number reported by Size Stream @ Home, we kindly ask you to take into consideration whether you wear your pants tight in the waist (clothing fit preference) and whether your favorite pants brand uses vanity sizing.

With a wide angle lens you will need an area of about ten square feet. Without a wide angle lens you will need an area of about sixteen square feet. The amount of space changes based on how tall you are – taller people need a little more space so that their full body can “fit into” the camera view. Our recommendatiohns are for people about six feet tall.

Yes, you can use Size Stream @ Home outside. However, you will need to take lighting conditions into account. Please avoid direct full sunlight. It’s best to pick a cloudy day, a shaded area, or to scan in the early morning or evening. We’re working on making our product robust in ANY lighting environment, but we are not there yet!

Size Stream @ Home provides a share mechanism, to allow you to share with brands and retailers you like. If your brand or retailer is not available to share with, please ask them to partner with Size Stream to make your personal measurements available!

Size Stream’s company motto is providing body data for goods and services. This can take a lot of different forms! Size Stream starts with a geometric representation of your body shape (your 3D avatar), and can automatically extract over 200 measurements. When you share your data, each share agreement lists the exact information you are sharing. This may include body geometry, a list of measurements and your name, age and selected gender.

Yes, you can wear your glasses if that is comfortable for you. Avoid bright reflections off your glasses, or any shiny surface, during scanning.

Yes, you should wear your hair up and off the back of your neck. If you have a pony tail, please put it in a bun to avoid the tail hanging down and obscuring your neck or back.



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