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Size Stream at Home - Troubleshooting

You can reset your password through the settings menu on the home screen.

The wide angle len and clip is specific to the make and model of your phone.  Please visit the Olliclip website to watch videos about how to correctly attach and use your wide angle lens. You do not need to have a wide angle lens to use Size Stream @ Home, but it helps you scan in a smaller space.


User Guides:

If you are having trouble getting a successful scan using Size Stream @ Home, please reach out to our support! This is a new and exciting technology that we want to make available to everyone! We are happy to aassist you through email, or we can schedule a phone call or even a mobile app screen sharing session in order to assist you in having successful with our product.

The Size Stream @ Home product strives to reach the goal of every scan giving you great results! If a scan fails to process, please try again. Take note of messages the app gives you during scanning such as “too dark”, “too bright” or “too blurry”. Too dark or too bright often indicates a poor lighting environment. Too blurry can indicate that the photographer is moving too quickly, or the phone is moving too much up and down. We suggest you try to do a few scans, starting slow and steady and speeding up as you get the hang of it. If at any time you need extra help, please reach out to our support team at nHere are common reason why a scan can fail. n1) Time out : Sometimes it takes a little longer to upload data or have it processed. If processing is taking too long the system will indicate a failure. However, once the processing completes the scan will revert to a successful condition!n2) Excessive movement during scan : If the scan subject significantly moves during the scan this can cause a badly shaped body mesh and result in failure.n3) Bright lights directly in view of the camera : If strong sunlight or bare lightbulbs are directly in view of the camera, this can sometimes cause processing to fail. n4) Other quality issues: If quality issues are detected during processing the scan may fail rather than give a bad result.



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