Commercial Grade Power and Accuracy at an Affordable Price.

3D scanning built around the business of the human form.

About the SS20 3D Body Scanner

  • Twenty safe infrared depth sensors capable of color, full length 3D body scans
  • Commercial grade 1/8 inch powder coated aluminum frame
  • Complete touch screen monitor and computer system running Microsoft® Windows 10 based applications for ease of use
  • Two stainless steel variable height stability handholds
  • Privacy enclosure including changing room
  • Scan time: < ~4 seconds
  • Data Processing Time: < 30 seconds
  • Circumferential Accuracy (cylinder test): < +/- 5 mm
  • Surface Data Density: ~ 1 mm by 1 mm > 2.0 million points for full body
  • Scan Volume: 2 m height by 0.95 m width by 0.8 m depth
  • Automatic Extracted Measurements: > 600 data points including 3D XYZ landmarks, circumferences, lengths, surface areas, and body volume

SS20 Scanner Software

  • Logic engine for measurement-based formulas (body shape, body composition, size selection, etc.)
  • Up to 5X multi-sampling scan mode (5 scans in a single acquisition pass)
  • Auto generate water-tight mesh from raw scan data, auto generate avatar from measures
  • Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin
  • ISO 20685 Measurement Standard Protocol Support