Best-in-class accuracy & speed in a commercial 3D body scanner customizable platform.

About the SS20 3D Body Scanner

  • Twenty safe infrared depth sensors capable of color, full length 3D body scans
  • Commercial grade 1/8 inch powder coated aluminum frame
  • Complete touch screen monitor and computer system running Microsoft® Windows 10 based applications for ease of use
  • Two stainless steel variable height stability handholds
  • Privacy enclosure including changing room
  • Scan time: < 6 seconds
  • Data Processing Time: < 45 seconds
  • Circumferential Accuracy (cylinder test): < +/- 5 mm
  • Surface Data Density: ~ 1 mm by 1 mm > 2.0 million points for full body
  • Scan Volume: 2 m height by 0.95 m width by 0.8 m depth
  • Automatic Extracted Measurements: > 600 data points including 3D XYZ landmarks, circumferences, lengths, surface areas, and body volume

Sizing Perfection

The human body is complex, and we can help you find the perfect fit and increase your clientelle’s happiness.

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